If you're one for hosting dinners and parties here and there, then you'll want to read this. It's one thing to wow your guests with a wide range of fancy cheeses and meats on arrival, but what about the practical side of things? What happens when your guests are so impressed by what's on offer that they start asking questions? What cheese is this? And gosh, isn't this delicious, what's it called? Is this a brie? Oh and what's that? Enter the slate cheese board. It's the perfect solution to the worsening problem of over-curious guests. Now you can duck out to the shops, throw a few cheeses and meats in your basket, quickly arrange them on your slate cheese board and then.... ta da... write little notes next to each of the cheeses (or whatever it is you're serving) with chalk or soapstone, which can be rubbed off later on without any fuss. Now you can not only walk the walk but you can talk the talk. In fact, if you want to take things a little further, you can use slate boards to serve canapés and main meals, and add chalk notes listing the ingredients. Anyone with a food allergy will appreciate this immensely.  Hostess with the mostess? Tick. Get yourself a slate cheese board & soapstone today at www.annabellstone.com.au/stonewares. You won't regret it.