People everywhere are welcoming with open arms a new and improved stone age. It started in Spain but really only took off in Paris as highly reputable restaurants and bars began serving meals on slate boards with overwhelming popularity. The idea quickly spread globally and while initially it may have seemed a little odd and certainly outside the box, the trend actually makes a lot of sense. You see, slate boards are generally used to serve cheeses and meats, essentially both products of the earth. Ultimately, they share the same humble beginnings and so it seems only natural to pair the stone with such rustic products to create what appears to be an ever-expanding and unique style of serving gourmet foods. Slates used for serving food products are generally millions of years old and much like the origins of the foods been served, they are sourced from all over the world. Now what's even better, is that now you can also get yourself a set of slate garden tags. Another obvious earthly pairing. There's nothing more cringeworthy than showing someone around your impressive garden, only to embarrass yourself with no words when they ask "what's that beautiful flower there?" or "Is that oregano?". Using a weather resistant chalk pen you can now label each plant with it's name on a slate garden marker and show off your garden with confidence. Again, you'll add a unique touch to your garden and create a style anyone would be crazy not to mimic. So if you're into vintage, rustic and worldly things, then slate boards and garden markers are for you. Check out the Annabell Stone range today -